The band

ZARBOFOOT are an “electronic jazz” band, formed in Tehran, Iran in 2016 by music producer “Dariush Salehpour”Electronic Artist and “Amir Mohammadi” as a saxophone and clarinet player.
The band were soon joined by talented pianist “Reza Tajbakhsh” and the perspective was completed. The band is focused on Electronic music ( EDMs ) and Jazz music.

,”Soroush Omumi” – percussion and flute player – joined the band since 2018 and “Alireza Miragha” – a well-known trumpet player – played as a guest musician.

The band has released an Album : Plastic Garden (The message is to save the environment from plastic pollution) in collaboration with the UNAIDS .

The band has released an album, Plastic Garden, in collaboration with the UNAIDS programme. The album’s message is to save the World from Pandemic Diseases and Environment Pollutions to have better life .

Zarbofoot gained a lot of experience in small performances, events, and music festivals and they realy shined in it. The first official concert was performed on the 1st of December, 2018 (World Aids Day) at Niavaran amphitheatre, Tehran with the partnership of the United Nations’ office in Tehran.

ZARBOFOOT in Persian is an exaggerated translation of beat and saxophone or other wind instruments.